Beauty and the Beast by Hannah Howell

By Hannah Howell

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Suddenly she had an urge to speak directly, with full honesty. She needed to discover exactly why he seemed so loathe to marry her. Stopping abruptly, she whirled about to face him. Still deep in thought, groping for words with an increasing desperation, Thayer did not see her stop and walked right into her, sending her sprawling in the grass at his feet. Roger moved at the same time he did to help her stand and they almost bumped heads. Margaret hurried to lend a hand as well. “You should have told me you were stopping,” he snapped as he watched Gytha and Margaret brush off the skirts of her gown.

Somehow Gytha managed to be lithe and slender as well as voluptuous and sensual. More times than she cared to count, Margaret had seen a man’s eyes grow hot at the mere sight of her cousin. So too had there been incidents, despite careful watching, when Gytha had had to make a hasty retreat to preserve her virtue. Placing a naked Gytha before any man was highly dangerous, let alone before one who knew he had all right to her. Poor Gytha could find her wedding night a violent and painful experience.

Only a fool would think a man like William would never wed or sire an heir. Far better that the chore falls to him than to me. ” “You belittle your worth. ” Thayer ignored Roger’s cluck of disapproval over the bitterness he had been unable to fully hide. Roger did not see him as a woman did. He saw a valued fighting companion, a friend and someone who was like a brother to him. Roger found nothing wrong with the wealth of flame-red hair. In a man’s eyes, the mat on his broad chest, the healthy tangle of curls around his loins, and the furring on his strong forearms and long, muscular legs were merely signs of manliness.

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