Bash Pocket Reference: Help for Power Users and Sys Admins by Arnold Robbins

By Arnold Robbins

It’s basic: with a view to have interaction deeply with Mac OS X, Linux, and different Unix-like platforms, you want to understand how to paintings with the Bash shell. This concise little booklet places the entire crucial information regarding Bash correct at your fingertips.

You’ll fast locate solutions to the irritating questions that normally arise while you’re writing shell scripts: What characters do you want to cite? How do you get variable substitution to do just what you will want? How do you utilize arrays? up-to-date for Bash model 4.4, this e-book has the solutions to those and different difficulties in a structure that makes searching quickly and easy.

Topics include:

  • Invoking the shell
  • Syntax
  • Functions and variables
  • Arithmetic expressions
  • Command history
  • Programmable completion
  • Job control
  • Shell options
  • Command execution
  • Coprocesses
  • Restricted shells
  • Built-in commands
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    8 shows the corrected code. In this example, the membar instruction ensures that all previous store operations have completed before the next store instruction is executed. 8 Using a Memory Bar to Enforce Store Ordering LOAD [&count], %A INC %A STORE %A, [&count] MEMBAR #store, #store STORE 0, [&lock] There are other types of memory barriers to enforce other orderings of load and store operations. Without these memory barriers, other memory ordering errors could occur. For example, a similar issue could occur when the lock is acquired.

    A good example is the recent changes in web browser design. Google’s Chrome browser is multiprocess. The browser can use multiple tabs to display different web pages. Each tab is a separate process, so one tab failing will not bring down the entire browser. Historically, browsers have been multithreaded, so if one thread executes bad code, the whole browser crashes. Given the unconstrained nature of the Web, it seems a sensible design decision to aim for robustness rather than low sharing costs.

    21. 21 Application image stored on disk The Translation of Source Code to Assembly Language An executing application is called a process. A process is a bit more than instructions and data, since it also has state. State is the set of values held in the processor registers, the address of the currently executing instruction, the values held in memory, and any other values that uniquely define what the process is doing at any moment in time. The important difference is that as a process runs, its state changes.

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