bash Pocket Reference by Arnold Robbins

By Arnold Robbins

It's basic: you want to know the way to paintings with the bash shell with a purpose to get to the center of Mac OS X, Linux, and different Unix platforms. up-to-date for the newest model of bash, this concise little publication places all the crucial information regarding bash at your fingertips. You'll fast locate solutions to demanding questions that usually arise while you're writing shell scripts -- What characters do you want to cite? How do you get variable substitution to just do what you will want? How do you employ arrays? -- and masses extra.

If you're a consumer or programmer of any Unix version, or if you're utilizing bash on home windows, you'll locate this pocket reference quintessential. This ebook covers:
* Invoking the Shell
* Syntax
* features
* Variables
* mathematics Expressions
* Command historical past
* Programmable final touch
* task keep watch over
* Shell suggestions
* Command Execution
* Coprocesses
* limited Shells
* integrated instructions

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If not, perform a normal PATH search. checkjobs When an attempt is made to exit a shell and there are stopped or running background jobs, the shell prints There are running jobs. and a list of jobs and their statuses. A second exit attempt (such as typing EOF again) causes the shell to exit. checkwinsize Check the window size after each command, and update LINES and COLUMNS if the size has changed. cmdhist † Save all lines of a multiline command in one history entry. This permits easy re-editing of multiline commands.

HISTFILE=file File in which to store command history. HISTFILESIZE=n Number of lines to be kept in the history file. This may be different from the number of commands. HISTIGNORE=list A colon-separated list of patterns that must match the entire command line. Matching lines are not saved in the history file. An unescaped & in a pattern matches the previous history line. 30 | The Bash Shell HISTSIZE=n Number of history commands to be kept in the history file. HISTTIMEFORMAT=string A format string for strftime(3) to use for printing timestamps along with commands from the history command.

BASH_COMMAND The command currently executing or about to be executed. Inside a trap handler, it is the command running when the trap was invoked. BASH_EXECUTION_STRING The string argument passed to the -c option. BASH_LINENO Array variable, corresponding to BASH_SOURCE and FUNCNAME. For any given function number i (starting at zero), ${FUNCNAME[i]} was invoked in file ${BASH_SOURCE[i]} on line ${BASH_LINENO[i]}. The information is stored with the most recent function invocation first. Cannot be unset.

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