Bash Cookbook [unix shell programming] by Carl Albing, JP Vossen, Cameron Newham

By Carl Albing, JP Vossen, Cameron Newham

The main to studying any Unix procedure, specially Linux and Mac OS X, is a radical wisdom of shell scripting. Scripting is the way to harness and customise the facility of any Unix process, and it really is a necessary ability for any Unix clients, together with process directors OS X builders. yet underneath this easy promise lies a treacherous ocean of diversifications in Unix instructions and standards.
bash Cookbook teaches shell scripting the way in which Unix masters perform the craft. It provides a number of recipes and methods for all degrees of shell programmers in order that an individual can turn into a informed consumer of the most typical Unix shell -- the bash shell -- and cygwin or different renowned Unix emulation programs. Packed filled with worthwhile scripts, in addition to examples that designate easy methods to create greater scripts, this new cookbook provides execs and gear clients every little thing they should automate regimen projects and let them to really deal with their platforms -- instead of have their platforms deal with them.

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For example, to use the test found in $PATH instead of the shell built-in version, type enable -n test and then run test. Or, use command ls to use the native ls command rather than any ls function you may have created. 8 Determining If You Are Running Interactively Problem You have some code you want to run only if you are (or are not) running interactively. /usr/bin/env bash # cookbook filename: interactive case "$-" in *i*) # Code for interactive shell here ;; *) # Code for non-interactive shell here ;; esac Discussion $- is a string listing of all the current shell option flags.

9 Setting bash As Your Default Shell Problem You’re using a BSD system, Solaris, or some other Unix variant for which bash isn’t the default shell. You’re tired of starting bash explicitly all the time, and want to make bash your default shell. Solution First, make sure bash is installed. Try typing bash --version at a command line. 10) Copyright (C) 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc. If you don’t see a version number, you may be missing a directory from your path. chsh -l or cat /etc/shells may give you a list of valid shells on some systems.

Unfortunately, the official bash documentation has not been easily accessible online—until now! Previously, you had to download several different tarballs, locate all the files that contain documentation, and then decipher the file names to find what you wanted. com/) has done all this work for you and provides the official bash reference documentation online so it’s easy to refer to. Check it out, and refer others to it as needed. edu/pub/bash/FAQ. ” The official reference guide is also strongly recommended; see below for details.

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