Adventures with a Hand Lens by Richard Headstrom

By Richard Headstrom

In actual fact written advisor to looking at and learning plant life and grasses, fish scales, moth and bug wings, egg situations, buds, feathers, seeds, leaf scars, moss, molds, ferns, universal crystals, etc.—all with a typical, low-cost magnifying glass. 209 precise line drawings relief on your discoveries.

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Thus veins are known as the costa, subcosta, radius, media, -cubitus, and anal. , or they may be merely indicated by letters, as RI, R2, R3, etc. The arrangement of the veins is known as venation or neuration and serves as a means of classifying insects. As a matter of fact, the wings of insects present such countless differences that an expert can usually refer a detached wing to its proper genus and often to its species even though there are at present almost a million known species. With a few exceptions wings are usually present in adult insects.

In folklore they are believed to be good-natured goblins who are supposed to do various household chores by night. They have been pictured as whimsical little people with INSECT BROWNIES quaint, if not grotesque, faces. If you can picture in your mind these little imaginary people and then look a few of the tree hoppers full in the face, I think you will see the reason for calling them insect brownies. ” But: I am not so sure that she was in a joking mood; on the contrary, I think she was quite serious when she designed these little insects, for their grotesque and bizarre appearance is not without value.

44 Figure! 30 SPECKLED ALDER loving plant and grows along the edges of ponds and streams and in swampy places. During the winter the unopened catkins are stii-f and inflexible, but as the March sun climbs higher in the sky and the earth is warmed, the stiff fibers relax, the scales open, and the long, plumy tassels emerge to dance upon every passing breeze. O). As we look at it through our hand lens we find that it consists of brown and purple scales surmounting a central axis. We 45 Anther - Stigma Pistil FiBwe 3OA DIAGRAM OF A SIMPLE FLOWER further observe that the scales are set on short stalks and that beneath each scale are three flowers, each having a three-to-five lobed calyx cup and three-to five sta’mens whose anthers are covered with yellow pollerl.

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