Adaptation and Natural Selection by George Christopher Williams

By George Christopher Williams

This can be my favourite ebook at the subject, and if you are studying this then you definitely should still most likely get it.
It's now not relatively as obtainable as Richard Dawkins' books, yet i locate this ebook to be extra a extra entire and compelling learn than TSG or TBW.

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A little reflection, however, will indicate that natural selection may be most intense when competitive interactions are low. Consider a typical growth curve in an experimental population. Suppose that the genetic variation present in such a population is mainly in the ability to convert food materials, present in excess of maintenance requirements, into offspring. There will then be intense selection during the initial stages of population growth when food is present in excess. Then when competition for food becomes intense, the genetic variation will lose its expression and selection will cease.

One necessary condition is that the selected entity must have a high degree of permanence and a low rate of endogenous change, relative to the degree of bias (differences in selection coefficients). Permanence implies reproduction with a potential geometric increase. Acceptance of this theory necessitates the immediate rejection of the importance of certain kinds of selection. The natural selection of phenotypes cannot in itself produce cumulative change, because phenotypes are extremely temporary manifestations.

The view suggested here is that all organisms of above a certain low level of organization—perhaps that of the simpler invertebrates—and beyond a certain geological period—perhaps the Cambrian—may have much the same amounts of information in their nuclei. All such organisms have quantities of DNA capable of carrying an enormous amount of information, and all have ancestries of at least 109 years and an astronomical number of generations that were subject to the same information-generating force.

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