A to Z of Ancient Greek and Roman Women (A to Z of Women) by Marjorie Lightman

By Marjorie Lightman

Profiles the lives of ladies from archaic Greece within the 7th century BCE to the autumn of Rome in 476 CE, together with poet Julia Balbilla, Boudicca, Cleopatra III, Sappho, and Eurydice.

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She died willingly, her final wish being that her death benefit Sparta. 222. He fled to Egypt, where he committed suicide in 219. It is not known what happened to Agiatis or her son. Sources Plutarch. 2. Plutarch. 1–3. Plutarch. 7. Mosse, Claude. ” In Women’s History and Ancient History, ed. by Sarah B. Pomeroy. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1991, pp. 138–153. ) reformer Greek: Sparta Agiatis, the wealthy daughter of Gylippos, a wellrespected Spartan, was heir to her father’s fortune.

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