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Nu /aÂe gudum-ub dan he tree tall-M COP ‘It is a tall tree’ 15. ’ dan COP There are a few inanimate words that have inherent gender that is not masculine but feminine. These are the words for ‘moon’ and ‘sun’ (see also Bender, 1991: 103). Examples: 16. /i⁄rf-i⁄s mu⁄lmu⁄l-ind moon-DEF round-F ‘The moon is round’ 17. /i⁄y–i⁄s gic‹c‹o⁄-nd sun–DEF big-F ‘The sun is big’ Bender (1991) following Fleming (1976) notes that “sun” is ambiguous and its modifier takes either feminine or masculine marker. However, we observed that both /i⁄rfi⁄ ‘moon’ and /i⁄yi⁄ ‘sun’ in Dime are feminine by adjectival concord.

G. k changes to k’ following N. 135a. SUBJ what RDP-drink-IPF ‘What are you drinking’? 135c. SUBJ go-NEG ‘I do not go’ wuc‹’-t’een ‘(he) will drink’ > It is a bit strange that k changes to k’ following N because N is not an ejective/glottalized sound. 5 Truncation of glottal stop in initial syllables Due to compound formation segments are deleted at word boundary. Specifically, when the second word starts with a glottal stop and the onset of the preceding syllable (of the first word) is also a glottal stop.

The following are illustrative examples of vowels of Dime: 77. [i], close front vowel. Examples: /itsi⁄ ‘tooth’ yi⁄zi⁄ ‘run’ 78. [È], close central vowel. Examples: /Èsi⁄nci ‘remember’ /Èrfi⁄ ‘moon’ 79. [e], Half-close front vowel. Examples: baa⁄le⁄ ‘market’ deeঀe ‘cook’ 80. [E], half open front vowel. Examples: p'E⁄lt'e ‘testicles’ mEh ‘money’ 81. [a] open central vowel. Examples: /afe ‘mouth’ wonna ‘return’ 82. [´] half-open central vowel. Examples: b´lte⁄ ‘luck’ δl ‘flour’ wѐ⁄´n ‘cattle’ 83.

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